M&A as a Service (M3aS)

Mergers and Acquisitions as a service is a unique service offered by Clip Financial where we offer the client a chance to outsource their inhouse M&A function.

In todays competitive enviornment many companies are investing in an inhouse M&A team as acquisitions is a clearly defined instrument for growth. However managing a M&A team in house is a challenging proposition. M&A at best is a short to medium term strategy. Employees on the other hand are a long term commitement. Add to that the challenges of hiring right personnel, keeping costs in check and developing efficient processes for managing transactions. In short, having an effective team is a significant investment of time and money from the management.

Clip Financial offers a service where we would handle end to end responsibilities of an M&A team – all at a fixed cost which we assure would be less than managing a team in house. Add to that our experienced resources, well developed processes and we can guarantee you a faster and cheaper go to market.